The Return of Taco Bell’s Beloved Mexican Pizza: What You Need to Know

The Return of Taco Bell’s Beloved Mexican Pizza: What You Need to Know info

Short answer taco bell mexican pizza return: Mexican Pizza was a menu item from Taco Bell, but it has been discontinued. As of now, there is no official announcement regarding its return. However, fans have started petitions and tweets to bring it back.

How Taco Bell Is Bringing Back the Iconic Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell’s recent announcement that it will be bringing back the iconic Mexican Pizza has sent waves of excitement throughout its loyal fan base. The popular menu item, which was discontinued last year, is set to make a comeback in March 2021 much to the delight of fans who have been clamoring for its return.

The Mexican Pizza was first introduced by Taco Bell in 1988 and quickly became one of their most beloved dishes. It consisted of two crispy tortillas filled with refried beans, seasoned beef or grilled chicken, diced tomatoes & onions, melted cheese and topped with zesty Mexican sauce. Glossy strips of sliced black olives adorned the dish giving it a colorful look while adding an extra robustness flavor-wise.

So why did Taco Bell discontinue this iconic dish?

Well, as per company reports shared online across different social media platforms claim cited sustainability reasons behind removal from taco bell’s main menus; however countless hustle-bustle on internet forced them reconsidering their decision. As it turns out many people were deeply unhappy about the chain’s decision to remove both items -Mexican pizza and pico de gallo-which prompted massive backlash against the brand resulting scrapping each from most locations within weeks after discontinuation annoucement.

But today is a new day—Taco Bell has heard our cries and responded by bringing back perhaps their greatest work yet!

Nowadays where fast food chains are known for constant innovation release time-to-time like McDonald’s collaborations with Travis Scott meal recently announced earlier this month , It takes guts and perfection maintaining top-notch quality consistency consistently over decades amongst cut-throat competition like KFC,Zaxby’s etc without diluting essence providing customers authentically tasting meals every single time .

That being said there’s no denying how pervasive nostalgia can be when well-seasoned marketing meets product demand to bring shoppers favourite items back onto shelves again -🥳 Cue round of applause 🥳- It’s about time Taco Bell understands this, and has finally given fans what they want.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the return of the Mexican Pizza from fast food giant Taco Bell is a welcome change. While both vegans/vegetarians can make use of customization to veganize pizza,it’s deliciousness quotient top-notch quality consistency over past decades consistently puts it apart placing on one-of-a-kind meal; an iconic product which was long overdue for its revival -and now our taste buds await eagerly!

Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying the Long-Awaited Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Return

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is back, and people are loving it! As a loyal fan of this classic menu item, I know how exciting it can be to finally have one in your hands. That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to fully enjoy the long-awaited return of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

Step 1: Get Excited
First things first – you need to feel truly excited about the return of the Mexican Pizza. Allow yourself some time to reminisce about all those delicious bites from years past. Maybe even shed a tear or two (we won’t judge).

Step 2: Plan Your Visit
Next up, plan your visit to Taco Bell. Whether that means taking a lunch break during work or making a special trip on your day off, make sure you give yourself enough time to savor every bite without feeling rushed.

Step 3: Make It A Combo
No meal at Taco Bell would be complete without an order of crunchy tacos and/or nachos with cheese sauce. So go ahead – make it a combo!

Step 4: Take In The Aroma
As soon as they hand you that hot bag,l take in the aroma coming from within (this is where Step 1 comes in handy). You’ll probably catch hints of spicy tomato sauce, seasoned beef, refried beans & melted cheeses ready for blending into taco goodness only available through utilizing both mild and fire sauces facilitated by wrapping tender bits within soft tortillas

Step 5: Unwrap And Savor Every Bite
Once you unwrap that iconic foil wrapper opening up those heavenly layers filled with ingredients listed above (and maybe more if requested) by now hopefully begin enjoying every single mouthwatering morsel just like old times – but better- because sometimes distance really does make the heart grow fonder…in addition since the pandemic we’ve had less opportunities than before so every chance taken should be well appreciated!

Step 6: Repeat
Finally, repeat this process as many times as your heart desires. Whether that means visiting a Taco Bell location every week to fill up on Mexican Pizzas or simply ordering it as an occasional treat, make sure you fully enjoy the long-awaited comeback of the beloved item.

In conclusion, enjoying the return of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is a special and exciting moment for fans everywhere. By following these simple steps, you can savor every bite and truly appreciate all that makes this menu item so iconic. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Taco Bell now and indulge in some nostalgic goodness – because who knows how long it will be here?!

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Return FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions

As the buzz surrounding Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza return continues to build, we know our readers have plenty of questions. After all, it’s been nearly a year since this tasty menu item was removed from their offerings and fans have been eagerly anticipating its return ever since.

Well, your wait is almost over – starting on March 11th, the beloved Mexican Pizza will be back for good. Here are some answers to your burning questions:

1) Why did Taco Bell ever get rid of the Mexican Pizza in the first place?

This is undoubtedly one of the most pressing questions on everyone’s minds. According to Taco Bell themselves, they wanted to streamline their menu and remove some items that weren’t as popular or profitable. However, they quickly realized how much people loved the Mexican Pizza (and how passionate those fans were about bringing it back!), so with enough outcry from loyal customers, it has made its triumphant return.

2) Will there be any changes to the recipe?

The answer here is no – Taco Bell promises that customers can expect “the same delicious taste” they remember from before. Some may recall limited-time variations like an avocado ranch version or even a breakfast iteration but rest assured – classic ingredients such as seasoned beef atop two crispy tortillas slathered in refried beans and red sauce will remain unchanged.

3) Is there anything new accompanying its comeback?

Along with bringing back fan-favorite meatless options during Lenten season (which runs until April 1st), theirs is another addition coming: A Quesalupa stuffed with plant-based Beyond Meat ground “beef”! But let’s not distract ourselves too much because we’re talking pizza right now…

4) How long will this offer last?

Taco Bell insists that this time around, once it returns on March 11th -it’s here to stay indefinitely — meaning you don’t need to worry about rushing out after work today for fear of the pizza vanishing again before you get a chance to try it.

5) Can I still customize my Mexican Pizza?

Absolutely! Just like with all other Taco Bell menu items, they’re happy to let customers’ imaginations craft their borderland masterpieces.

With the anticipation only growing and fast-approaching return date almost upon us, we definitely understand your excitement for its comeback. Get ready, start planning your order because in just 1 week; once more the lasagna-esque cheesy delight that is Mexican pizza will fill our plates (and empty stomachs).

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