Craving the Mexican Pizza? Here’s the Latest Update on Taco Bell’s Plans to Bring it Back!

Craving the Mexican Pizza? Here’s the Latest Update on Taco Bell’s Plans to Bring it Back! info

Short answer when is taco bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza:

Taco Bell has announced that they will be bringing back the beloved Mexican Pizza to their menu in March 2021, after removing it from their offerings in November 2020. However, this reintroduction may only be temporary and limited time availability per region or market area could still vary.

How will taco bell bring back the Mexican pizza after discontinuing it last year?

On October 2020, fast food giant Taco Bell announced that they will be taking the beloved Mexican Pizza off their menu. Fans of this culinary masterpiece were outraged and heartbroken, leaving many wondering if they would ever taste its deliciousness again. Well, fear not my friends because there is hope!

Taco Bell has recently released a statement reading “We hear you and we’re bringing back much of what you loved”. Amongst these items making a comeback is none other than our favorite Mexican Pizza! Yes, you read that right, the cheesy goodness topped with seasoned beef, beans, tomatoes and zesty taco sauce nestled between two crunchy deep-fried tortillas will soon grace our palate once more.

Now the real question remains; how exactly does one bring back an item after it’s been discontinued? Firstly, let’s take into consideration why The Mexican Pizza was removed in the first place–environmental reasons. With concerns over packaging waste contributing to greenhouse gas emissions increasing amongst consumers & businesses alike-Taco Bell estimates having eliminated over 7 million pounds of paperboard through eliminating certain items from its menu such as The Double Decker Taco and various other combos—but fans implored for change stating on social media platforms like Twitter #SaveTheMexicanPizza-and the responses have finally been heard leading to it being reintroduced- but with a touch up.

In addition to bringing back this fan-favorite dish in all its glory (minus one ingredient–the diced tomatoes), Taco Bell promises newer eco-friendly already-used-plastic-based wrappings instead of traditionally perceived “recycled materials,” chic new branding alongside exciting digital integration—an online ordering feature dubbed Project Safeguard had already proven helpful amid covid lockdowns last year—is intended to speed up service by around 15 seconds per transaction—thus reducing footfall times during peak hours from now onwards—one could hardly turn down such an offer.

Furthermore-the five-layered burrito which was also removed is set to make a return on April 15th, with Hot Sauce packets back in circulation for consumers’ convenience.

While it’s certainly been difficult seeing some of our go-to menu items vanish, we can’t help but appreciate Taco Bell’s commitment to sustainability. With the decision to bring back the Mexican pizza and other classics, whilst still paving ways towards an eco-friendly future, we can finally indulge ourselves without feeling guilty about harming Mama Earth— sounds like a win-win scenario!

In conclusion: Taco Bell’s forthcoming updated model focuses on encouraging “reusability,” where novelties such as ordering from automated kiosks versus inter-personal interactions further promote user-end ease whereas revamped and healthier food ingredients have contributed to sustainability options throughout-steps which are expected to be welcomed by both casual and die-hard customers alike; one thing remains true- even amidst changing times & trends-one can always count on The bell!
A step-by-step guide to finding out when taco bell is bringing back the Mexican pizza.

Step 1: Follow Taco Bell on social media

The first step in finding out when Taco Bell will bring back its iconic Mexican Pizza is following the fast-food chain on all its social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way, you’ll be able to get real-time updates directly from them.

Step 2: Set Alerts for News & Updates

In addition to regular browsing habits that might include checking for updates frequently on any new food items that may excite your taste buds particularly – it’s wise if you set alerts related taco bell restaurants via Google news or other industry-specific news sources. That way, depending upon accuracy given by experts keeping an eye out specifically for these types of stories — you won’t miss anything coming down the pipeline including potential re-releases.

Step 3: Check community forums like Reddit where fans discuss Taco Bell

There’s no better place than forums online dedicated entirely towards discussion around certain topic points like subreddits! There must be thousands discussing this amongst themselves already – they’re passionate folk who don’t want their favorite foods gone unnoticed forever either!

Reddit forum members often share rumors about upcoming releases and drops within minutes or hours after hearing about them through insiders’ connections. The knowledgeable members also engage in fun conversations surrounding theories behind why particular menu items disappeared altogether seemingly overnight.

Step 4: Sign Up For Direct Emails From The Chain

Ensure additional contact includes signing up directly at ‘’ official site newsletter sign-up functionality (if available) where people use their email ID to subscribe for updates on their favorite menu items and news featuring recent developments from within the company.

The bottom line is that no one knows exactly when Taco Bell will bring back its Mexican pizza, so following these steps can help to keep you informed about any upcoming announcements or promotions. Until then, you might just have to satisfy your cravings with some of their other great dishes — but here’s hoping it won’t be too long before this classic dish makes a triumphant return!

Frequently asked questions about taco bell’s plan to bring back the Mexican pizza.

Taco Bell recently announced their plan to bring back the beloved Mexican pizza, much to the joy and excitement of fans everywhere. However, with this news comes a lot of questions as well. Here are some frequently asked questions about Taco Bell’s plan to bring back the Mexican pizza:

1. When will the Mexican pizza be available again?
Taco Bell has not released an official date yet on when they plan to re-launch the Mexican pizza, but it is expected to return in early 2021.

2. Why was the Mexican pizza discontinued in the first place?
Taco Bell stated that they removed several menu items last year in order to streamline their menu and make things more efficient for both customers and employees.

3. Will there be any changes made to the recipe or ingredients?
No, according to Taco Bell representatives, they have no plans of making any major alterations to either the recipe or ingredients used for their classic Mexican pizza.

4. Will it still come in its signature packaging?
Yes! Fans can look forward once again seeing those iconic triangle-shaped paper boxes that housed our favorite munchies from Taco bell’s latest addition.

5. Where will I be able purchase them?
The great news is that you’ll find these delectable pies at participating locations nationwide where typically ordered ahead by using mobile ordering technologies such as Grubhub app

6.With all franchises individually owned Is it guaranteed my nearest franchise restaurant would have them sold? While majority may sell the long awaited food item due shipping constraints and market demand certain franchisers may opt out selling initially

7.What else can we expect from upcoming releases?
While highly not confirmed up until now,Taco bell reports future announcements involving fan-favourite products like Nacho fries Chalupas are being explored currently.

In summary if you’re a diehard lover of mexican tacos who waited patiently over disappointment for your favourite cheesy goodness alongside beans and tomatoes stuffed inside a crispy crust – the wait is indeed almost over! Join in on social media with hasttags such as #SaveTheMexicanPizza and make your cravings known to those around us. Bring back an old memory of cheerful childhood days and tastes right from Taco bell’s franchises once again.

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